Vacation knotepad.


I’m on vacation. But still we are dogfooding our app and thinking of ways it helps us compare notes and organize our thoughts better.


For this trip, I’ve been using Knotable in an evernote-ish way. Stashing ideas, and then sharing/comparing/updating them.

Key weakness of “note-taking” —> you write some stuff, then share (i.e., “email”) it, then change it…then your friends don’t see the latest anymore. 

How is Knotable better than just taking notes? Here’s how:

Some friends emailed me their favorite restaurants — I forwarded it to and boom! They are saved in a nice place. Then I added my friend Fabian who was going to be there with us:


As I go, I annotate, highlight, add stuff to that pad. Cool. My friend is in sync with my planning.

On another pad, for the last few months really, I have been collecting snips and scraps related to our trip like our flight dates from Kayak, our Airbnb, and other locations/restaurants we want to check out. I dropped links into Knotable as I went and here I have a nice scrap book of ideas I can share easily or just play with.



You can see I have lots of knotepads going, lots of tabs open, lots of plans to stay on top of. Knotable is helping me keep things rolling.

So these little knotes on the knotepads are helping me. Thank you knotes.

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