The Apps and the Extension


It’s no secret that very few people use email exclusively on their PCs. In fact everywhere you look, you’ll find that at least half of all opened email is opened on mobile devices

With this in mind, we here at Knotable realize that we can’t just craft a web application; web is just a piece of the larger Knotable project. In response to this undeniable need, we’ve simultaneously been developing iOS and Android apps, a Chrome extension, as well as a side project or two not yet worth mentioning. 

If you already have a Knotable account, you should check out our other products:

Just like our web app, these are all works in progress in various stages of completion, but they’re all pretty stable and allow you to do some pretty cool stuff. 

As always, please do help us make it better.

If we are going to snip permathreads and cut out meetings, we’ll need your help to tie the knot.

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