Will the Apple Watch help or hurt FLOW?


From a very clever commenter on Hacker News:

Personally I’m not going to get a smartwatch because I hate interruptions. I hate OS X notifications; I hate it when the phone rings; I hate reading Twitter (but it’s an addiction that’s sometimes hard to overcome). I certainly don’t want a blob on my wrist endlessly buzzing and tapping away, trying to figure out my heart rate and mood and generally being a bothersome noisy little electronic snoop.

But at the same time, I can imagine that the younger crowd wants exactly that. I think the Apple Watch will be a hit, but maybe about 1 year after the launch once the price of the low-end model comes down and a few millimetres get trimmed off.

The new screen will be a great risk and opportunity in the science and practice of flow.

You may know that Knotable is about flow and spend lots of time obsessing about it. Flow, flow, flow. No alerts, notifications, popups, distractions when you are in Knotable world. 

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