Your Top Ten Personal Finance Apps


1. Google Wallet

Free and available on IOS and Android.

Google Wallet provides an easier way to pay for just about anything- in stores, online purchases, friends, you name it. One of the great features is that it allows you to store all of your gift cards, which makes it easier to spend that Gap card you got last Christmas. You can send money to anyone in the US with an email address as well as track all of your online orders. You can even order the Google Wallet Card, which allows you to access your Google Wallet balance in the real world.


2. Slice

Free and available on IOS, Android, and Windows.

Slice is a great app for avid online shoppers. It takes the tracking information from your emails and puts them in one place, sending you alerts and information about your purchases.

3. Mint

Free and available on IOS, Android, and Windows. 

Mint is your one-stop app to see all of your finances. You can link all of your checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and even retirement accounts to see the full picture of your personal finance. The app allows you to create budgets and also provides helpful graphics so you can track exactly where your money is being spent.


4. Paypal

Free and available on IOS, Android, and Windows.

As an avid user of paypal, I can tell you that it’s a great app that does exactly what you need it to do. There may not feature ton of frills but it doesn’t need that. You can check your balance and recent transactions as well as transfer funds to and from your accounts. Paypal can also be used to send money to friends and family and you can use the app to pay in many stores and restaurants.

5. Bloomberg

Free and available on IOS and Android.

Bloomberg isn’t the app that manages your finances but it is the app to use in order to learn everything about the financial and business world. You can receive breaking news from a variety of sectors and even check on your own holdings with detailed company profiles.

6. Expensify

Free and available on IOS, Android, and Windows.

Expensify is different from most of your personal finance apps in that it is really useful to people and businesses that have to generate expense reports. It allows you to scan receipts with your phone and import credit payments from the web. You can also track your mileage and link your bank accounts to keep track of your spending habits. After you’ve scanned all of your receipts and totaled your expenses, Expensify creates a PDF file that you can then send to any email address.


7. Key Ring

Free and available on IOS and Android.

Key Ring isn’t a personal finance app per se but another one that I use that is really convenient. If you’re tired of having to carry around all of those loyalty cards that stores love to have you sign up for then this is the app for you. Whether it’s Panera Bread, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or CVS, Key Ring stores all of those cards in one place and is easy to use when you need them. Unbloat your wallet and key ring today and you’ll never look back.

8. Budgt

$.99 and available on IOS.

Budgt focuses fast and hard on, you guessed it, budgeting and expense tracking. This app is great for its simplicity and clean design. You can enter your income and recurring expenses and then create your own spending categories to get a concrete picture of your finances and where your money is going.


9. MoneyWise

Free, available on Android.

For the people with Android that can’t get Budgt there’s MoneyWise. Another great, free budget tracking app, MoneyWise allows you to create multiple budgets with defined periods of time for income and expenses. You can set when you get paid and when your bills are due and get a good sense of your finances with infographics.  MoneyWise also works offline, so you don’t need to worry about using the app if you don’t have an internet connection.

10. Your Personal Bank App

Free and available on IOS, Android, and Windows.

Chances are, your favorite bank has a mobile app, and if you don’t already have it installed, what are you thinking?! Checking your balance is simple and the ability to deposit checks with your phone is great, making it so you almost never have to go to the bank. If only there was some way to withdraw money from your phone! For those using Chase, Quick Pay is a convenient way to send and receive money from friends and family — and they don’t even need a Chase account to be able to use this feature.


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