Using Evernote to Organize Your Freelance Career


If you’re one of the 53 million Americans who earn most of their money as a freelancer you know how tough it can be to stay organized and get things done, especially when you have a variety of projects on your plate. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, designer, or any other kind of freelancer, one tool that can help you stay organized and productive is Evernote. Here’s how:

Organize Your Projects

With Evernote you never have to worry about losing vital information or storing it somewhere it can’t be easily retrieved. You can create a new note for each of your projects or even a separate notebook if a project is particularly extensive. This is a great feature because it allows you to compartmentalize what you’re working on, which assures that you won’t mix up parts of your work or put things where they don’t belong. You can even create tags for notes that are related to each other and you can even set reminders to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines.


Share Notes

Whether you’re working on a group project or just want someone to look over something you’ve written or found, sharing notes on Evernote is as easy as a few clicks. You can share notes through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or just copy and paste the link in an email and send it out. You can even indicate if you want the recipient to be able to edit the note or just view it. Evernote also recently introduced its Work Chat function, which allows you to collaborate with the people you work with in real time.

Keep All of Your Research in One Place

With the Evernote Web Clipper it’s easy to collect all of the research you might need and have it in a single, easily accessible place. The Web Clipper is a browser extension that allows you to transfer anything you find on the web directly into Evernote. For example, if you’ve found an article that is relevant to a current project you can use the Web Clipper to save the whole article, a simplified version of the article that removes all of the clutter found on many pages, a bookmark of the site, or even a screenshot. The page will be saved to whatever notebook you indicate and will be easily retrievable whenever you may have to access it in the future.


Record Audio

You can use Evernote to record the audio of important conversations, interviews, or even ideas you need to get out of your head before they disperse into the ether. Recording Audio Notes is easy! Depending on what version of Evernote you’re using (Computer, Apple OS, or Android) you’ll have to open the note you’d like to add the recording to and either hit the microphone icon or tap “Record Audio”.

Remember Your Great Ideas

If you work as a freelancer then chances are many of your successes come from bursts of inspiration that you have. Never miss or forget any of your great ideas again. Whether you prefer recording an audio file or scribbling a quick note, rest assured that your next big idea is tucked away safely. You can tag all of your ideas with something like “great ideas” or even put them all in a separate notebook so they can be found easily.


Of course nothing is perfect and Evernote doesn’t come without its downsides. Like with everything involving computers nowadays security is a major issue. When it comes down to it the only thing separating your Evernote information from prying eyes is a username and password. I’ve seen tips online like “take a picture of your passport in Evernote in case you lose it,” which although convenient isn’t a great idea because if your account is compromised then your passport is out there and can be counterfeited. Another potential downside is that there’s quite a difference in the interface depending on what platform you’re on. While the mobile version is sleek and simple the desktop version is a bit less attractive. It still does everything you need it to do, it’s just a bit more cumbersome than using the app version.

Working as a freelancer can be especially difficult since many times you won’t have a neat desk or office where you can find all of the things related to your work. Instead you have to come up with other ways to stay organized, which is a much easier task if you have Evernote downloaded to your smartphone or computer (it even syncs between your individual devices).  You may not freelance now but there’s a decent chance that you may in the future, considering some estimates hold that 50 percent of the workforce will be freelance by 2020. Even if you never end up as a freelancer Evernote is still a great tool and these tips can go a long way in making you a more organized person.


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