Using Evernote Camera to Organize Non-Digital Stuff


You may already use Evernote to take notes and organize your work but did you know how versatile the Evernote Camera is? You might think it only takes pictures but it can actually do so much more:

Who owns a scanner these days?

We’ve all been in the position where you need to digitize a document but you either don’t have or aren’t near a scanner. Rejoice, since you’ll never have to worry about this scenario again now that Evernote can take care of scanning all of your documents for you. Just tap the Evernote Camera icon, select document, and snap a picture. You can capture multiple pages and contain them all in one note. Organize them by notebook and tag them how you like or send the document to whoever you need to get it to.

moleskine-doc camera

Never lose a business card again 

If you’ve ever received a business card that you later misplaced you can breathe easier now, the Evernote Business Card Camera has you covered (although it can’t find what you’ve already lost, sorry). The next time you’re at a networking event or run into your next client select the Evernote Camera, swipe over to “business card” and snap a picture. Not only will the business card be clear and legible, Evernote saves everything into a contact note, including name, title, company, and contact info as well as a picture of the card and LinkedIn profile information. You can even click on the links in the contact note to call, text, or email the person.

evernote cardscan

Get your Post-it notes online

Are you one of those people who has Post-it notes all over their desk, the fridge, and every part of the computer that isn’t the screen? Evernote had you in mind when they created their Post-it Note Camera. This setting makes beautiful and functional replicas of your every-day post-it notes. The colors that have been optimized for Evernote are Electric Yellow, Limeade, Electric Blue, and Neon Pink in 3 x 3 inch or 11 x 11 inch sizes. You can easily organize your Post-its based on the color you took a picture of. For example, you can set it so all of your blue Post-its are organized in one notebook while all yellow notes are in another.


Whether you’re constantly making notes on Post-its or frequently receive business cards, Evernote can take all of these things in and take your organization skills to a new level. What’s great about these features is that they aren’t simply photographs; Evernote can recognize the information contained therein and use it how you want. Of course you can use Evernote to take and store a regular old picture, but why only use it for that when you have all of these great options to help keep you organized?

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