10 Sneaky Places Robots Are Invading Your Home: Under Codename “Internet of Things”


The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a huge development between Internet and technology, and ushers in the next big wave of how we manage and process Big Data. Imagine a reality where your day-to-day life can be effectively managed, streamlined, and customized completely due to the information you make available to your environment through the devices you use every day which will in turn respond intelligently to your needs, behavior, and lifestyle.

The reality is not far fetched, and it’s not far away. By 2022, it is expected that there will be 50 billion devices connected to the IoT.  These devices will take the ordinary items and services we use each day, including household appliances, to trains and buses, even our clothes, and make them smarter and much more useful, effectively allowing us to monitor and manage everything from our time, health, and electricity  bills. Here are the top ways in which the Internet of Things will improve your life.

1. Get to where you need to be faster and safer

Internet-connected cars feature a piloted driving system, smart cameras and sensors to reduce accidents and enable communication between vehicles. Additionally, in Smart Cities, sensors and GPS readouts will reduce traffic and warn and suggest to commuters the best way to get around traffic. Even networked smart meters will guide you to free parking spaces as you approach your destination.

2. Monitor and manage your health

 Wearable devices can monitor your vital signs at all moments, measuring your blood pressure, heart rate, and other factors. This information can then be relayed to your healthcare provider and allows for you to be more informed about the state of your health.

3. Reduce your energy bills

Smart appliances can work with smart electric grids that run themselves or perform their chores after peak loads subside. This means your home lighting, healing and cooling systems can communicate intelligently with each other. Soon your home will be smooth running energy efficient system.

4. Increase work productivity

One significant way IoT will increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace is via location tracking. Internet-connected equipment and devices will all be geographically tagged meaning companies can track every aspect of their business, from managing inventory and fulfilling orders as quickly as possible to locating and deploying field service staff. Tools, factories, and vehicles will all be connected and sharing information about their location, meaning you know where all the cogs of your business are and how they are moving.

5. Automatically refill your fridges

The IoT is expected to completely transform the way we shop in the future. Smart kitchens appliances will keep a database of supply levels and let you know when you’re low on staples such as milk and bread or order your groceries automatically so you need never worry about coming home to an empty fridge.

6. Virtually check on your sleeping baby

Sproutling’s baby activity tracker, designed to be worn at night and during naps,  transmits information about the baby’s heart rate, temperature, mood, whether it’s still sleeping, and the general comfort level of the baby. This means you can enjoy relaxation time while your baby is asleep with live up to dates about your baby’s well doing.

7. Manage household activities

Remote control apps allow phones to monitor and adjust household activities—this can be anything from preheating your oven on your commute home from work to alerting you when too much moisture or heat is building up in various parts of the home. This is not only beneficial in terms of home safety, but it also allows you to mange household chores and tasks effectively.

8. Skip lines in stores

Your phone will be able to act on your behalf for you when it comes to tasks like ordering a coffee. Senors will provide your smartphone with information based on your order history, and identify when youwalk into your coffee store . This means you don’t have to wait in line and give your order, the barista will be alerted to make your coffee just how you like it as soon as you walk in.

9. Save Time

You’ll even be able to start your laundry or set up an alert to let you know when it’s done. Going out to eat at your favorite restaurant? Soon the restaurant will be able to communicate to your car or phone how long you’ll have to wait for an open table so you can plan accordingly.

10. Remotely feed your pets

Whether you’re working late at the office or enjoying a day out away from home, you will be able to feed your pet from tapping a button on your smartphone. Apps such as Pintofeed  will also learn about your pet’s typical feeding times and automatically create a schedule to dispense food meaning your pet’s basic needs will be taken care of, even if you’re not there.

For more information on the IoT and the impact it will have on society from industry experts, click here.

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