Brain Augmentation May Soon be Normal


Technological innovations have brought us a bevy of improvements for life on this planet, from the radio to radiology. But the most fascinating technology on Earth has been around for thousands of years, and lies right between our ears: the human brain.


Humans are unique among animals because of our high level of cognitive function, and although medical technology has greatly improved over the last century, we still don’t completely understand our own inner computer.

Unlocking Our Brain’s Potential

Halo Neuroscience is out to change that, by working towards unlocking the limits of cognitive function through non-invasive stimulation to the brain. A San Fransisco-based medical technology company, Halo is driven by a dynamic team of scientists and entrepreneurs and backed by Andreessen Horowitz, SoftTech Ventures, and Lux Capital. Every team member involved with Halo has invented, launched, and scaled cutting-edge medical and consumer technology products, bringing an unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise to the startup.

nrn2152-f1By using existing and cutting edge medical technologies, Halo’s team is “developing a novel, simple, and powerful neuroscience-based technology for enhancing brain performance for the healthy and impaired”. By addressing the problems of both impaired and healthy people, Halo’s technology will serve the largest audience possible with its unique innovations. From overcoming learning disabilities to improving violin technique, there are limitless possibilities for improving brain function and how it can drastically change the way we learn and function.

Fine-Tuning Cognitive Function

Halo’s production so far is quite promising. The process in development shows potential to tune neurons, in the way that they function, to boost or calm their endogenous action. Research and development are based on technology in use since the time of Volta, complete with a large body of recent scientific, medical and military trial results gathered since then as reference points. Halo’s innovation is related to technologies that have had regulatory approval since the 1970s, and aspects of the process have been shown to be safe in more than 200 clinical trials over the last 10 years.


Making Waves

Halo co-founder Amol Sarva recently explained the project to TechCrunch:

“Halo makes a technology that stimulates brain function in sick people and healthy people. It makes the brain work better — a wide range of potential effects from accelerating learning to improving body movement control… The company isn’t saying exactly what they are working on first but the field is a big new area — not just sensing things in the brain or ‘reading’ it, but sending waves into the brain and ‘writing’ to it.”

Halo’s technology appears to be an active rather than passive process, one that will create action rather than interpret it. The possibilities with such an innovation for everyday people are exciting, bringing cutting edge neuroscience to a broader market. It will be exciting to watch Halo’s progress, and see where the future takes it!

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