Fun Ways To Spend Your Lunch Break Productively


How do you spend your lunch break? Most likely, you’re one of the two-thirds of Americans who eat at their desks more than once a week. Alarmingly, 20 percent of workers claim they always eat lunch at their desks. While eating and working may seem like you’re making the most of your time, you’re doing very little to maximize your productivity. Escaping from your desk to enjoy some time in your day to relax, rejuvenate, and refuel your body can help boost your mood, health, focus, and interactions.

Here are some great lunch break ideas sure to inspire you to stop typing, put the phone down, and spend that hour of well-deserved freedom productively:

Get A Massage

Scheduling a massage on your lunch break is a relaxing way to spend your time, and has immense health benefits, especially for the desk sitters. Stress can manifest itself in our neck and shoulders, and sitting all day can cause pain and weakness in our lower back and gluteals. Schedule a massage to alleviate some of the physical ailments of an office job, and improve your overall posture.

Go To The Gym

Before that afternoon slump kicks in, get your running shoes on and work up a sweat. Working out on your lunch break has been proven to boost your energy levels for the rest of the day. Studies have shown that not only did exercisers have more energy after their workout, but their cognitive abilities showed improvement as well.

Switch Up Your Lunch Cuisines

Make a point of visiting a restaurant you haven’t tried, and allow yourself to take the time to enjoy your food and make the most of not staring at a screen. Avoid foods like burgers and pasta which can make you feel groggy when digested and opt for delicious well prepared plates of fish and vegetables to boost your brain power. And say yes to the dark chocolate dessert once in a while, dark chocolate is known to help improve concentration.

Practice Meditation

Get some fresh air and find a place to meditate, or drop into a yoga class on your lunch break. Meditation helps to relax and center your body and thoughts. It’s also known to boost your creativity levels. So not only will you come back to the office relaxed and refreshed, you may also come back with an innovative idea!

Visit A Salon

Get your hair cut, or go for a manicure and pedicure. It’s a great way to make some time for yourself, and enjoy a leisurely activity you would normally save for the weekend. Chances are you will return to the office in a great mood, and feeling much more confident.

Call A Loved One

We all have a friend or family member we’ve been meaning to call, but often run out of time during the week. Make a point to remind yourself to spend your lunch break somewhere quiet, without any distractions, and take the opportunity to check in with someone you love. They will appreciate that you called! Calling during lunch hour means you don’t have to save the call for the end of the day when you’re feeling tired and not in the mood to talk.

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