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Digital Distractions Cost Us

Office ADD is real; statistics suggest over 20% of us waste up to five hours of our working hours per week. And the cause? Distractions. We live in an age of constant interruption. Emails, texts, notifications, phone calls, phone conferences and in-person meetings – when do we have time in our work day to achieve our tasks, innovate, and focus on productivity?

Reading and answering emails alone is estimated to take up a quarter of our time of each day.

Our work environment, time management, and information processing systems are evolving, we work in the digital age with no ‘off switch’, and our skills too must evolve to adapt and thrive to make the most of the tools we have available to us to ensure we are effectively managing our workload and are operating at peak productivity levels.

The Workshop to End All Workshops

The SXSW 2015 conference in Austin, Texas this March, is hosting an exciting workshop titled: “The Future of Work: OfficeADD, Focus, GTD, Nirvana”. Co-presenting is Amol Sarva, co-founder of Knotable, a collaboration and communications tool that takes the headaches out of email exchanges and eliminates meetings by creating a virtual knotepad, then adding people to share and contribute to discussions, documents, and decisions all in one place.

During this 2.5 hour long session, you will gain insight from industry experts on the latest in productivity trends from changing the ways people get things done in high-productivity teams, to the evolving problems of old-school vs. new-school workstyles.

At the end of the workshop, you will have the tools and know-how they need to overcome “office ADD”, achieve better focus, and get more done in the work day.

From The Horse’s Mouth

Hearing from those who achieve 10x productivity, this session promises to lay out the tips and tricks to their success as well as insight into the resources they use to help them achieve more with their time. Ideal for a product, marketing or project person, this workshop will allow you to:

  • Get access into the working life of iOS hackers, who can run a complex project in 1 hour per day.
  • Get your team to email zero not just inbox zero
  • Learn how to organize and drive projects forward the new way — from hiring/staffing all the way to go live.
  • Learn how to build a product, launch a commercial blog, organize a complex co-working space or virtually any job you have with you in the driver’s seat, and the people around you and freelancers/others as support, and SHIPPING as your output.
  • Get a free e-book – “Ship While You Sleep”.

For more details, and to sign up for the workshop, click here.

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