Book Review: The Smarter Working Manifesto

Smarter Working

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a how-to-guide on how to manage your employees to ensure higher productivity and higher profitability? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a how-to-guide which offered you practical advice on how to achieve your career goals and accomplish your day-to-day tasks better? Now there is! The Smarter Working Manifesto is the essential handbook for organizations and individuals who want to make smarter decisions when it comes to working towards company goals to improve financial gains while improving job satisfaction.

Authors Philip Vanhoutte and Guy Clapperton explore the topic of the changing work environment, seeking insight from experts, practitioners, managers, and academics to set up best practices for empowering employees to work on their own schedules, in their own work environment, while their company benefits from a happy and productive workforce. The book outlines original ideas and models for achieving success through creating an atmosphere of trust in building a winning virtual team. Working from the perspective of the individual and company, the book offers practical guidance for both sets, in well thought out manageable practical methods.

Here is how you can take advantage of this valuable insight:

Flexible Working Hours

The workplace is changing at a rapid rate. According to estimates, 3.2 million Americans work from home, a rise in 79% in the past decade. This book explores the concept of flexible working and outlines practical methods to implement this work style successfully. The authors also provide framework by which metrics can be out in place to track and measure the progress of work flexibility. Companies are coming to justify the change and achieve buy-in, according to research, 34% of the world’s population will be working remotely this year.

Building Virtual Teams Through Technology

The book discusses the basic technologies which are available to help build a well managed cooperative and productive team, which you should adopt, which technologies should be harnessed in and out of the workplace and the realistic outputs you can expect from them.

Fostering Team Collaboration

This guide will provide you with the necessary principles on how to reshape the employee/employer dynamic and establish best practices around working together towards a mutual goal. Instilling a strong paradigm of trust, employers can learn how to let go of the reigns and encourage a sense of work ownership in employees to promote empowerment and higher job satisfaction.

Learn How to Work Smarter

Understanding how work fits into your life is essential. The principles illustrated in the Smarter Working Manifesto help you to identify your strengths, capabilities, and how your personality fits your work style. Furthermore, the book also helps you to understand the importance of career planning and how to build your professional persona.

Learn How To Manage a Smarter Company

This guide will offer you practical advice on how to evaluate your current workforce and work environment, and how to start making the necessary steps for change. Bringing together the three disciplines, bricks, bytes and behaviors and making them work in tandem to deliver a smarter organization with a smarter workforce.

Key Takeaways for Key Players

This book offers real advice, backed up by experience and tried and tested insight to help professionals and organizations achieve smarter work strategies. Facilities Directors can learn how reduce office costs, create optimum working environments and educate themselves on space acoustics. IT Directors can benefit from learning more about how to seamlessly connect staff, regardless of their location and build a BYOD strategy that will work across all technology platforms. HR Directors can discover how to increase employee well being and productivity as well as learn how to attract and retain the best talent. Individuals can find out more about the work style which best suits their schedules and capabilities and what to do in order to achieve better output. Organizations can learn how to best get the best from their employees, become more responsive and also build a community on collaboration and trust.

The Smarter Working Manifesto is a smart, effective, how-to-guide for individuals and organizations who want to make the seamless transition from traditional outdated workplace practices to the models for success in the modern workplace. Buy your copy here.

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