Rebel(lious) Mouse: Paul Berry’s Global Team Domination


Paul Berry is the CEO and co-founder of Rebel Mouse, the CMS for the Social Mobile Web. In this podcast, he talks with us about the structure of his company and employees, and more specifically the contemporary work environment and work style he pioneers through his system of ‘networked teams’ dispersed throughout the globe.

Paul shares his insight for leading and managing a networked team, from the software and tools he uses to communicate with his team, to how he manages cultural and time differences. He reveals the personalities and skills he looks for in his employees that make them an optimal fit for a networked team, how he builds camaraderie, and how he rewards the success of his employees.

For more on Paul’s leadership style, check out his excellent article: “Communication Tips for Global Virtual Teams”. To learn more about RebelMouse, how you can use this powerful CMS to optimize your content, build brand identity, and create a community of loyal followers, click here.

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