How to Hack Your Startup Lawyer


Being an entrepreneur is no easy task, but creating a successful business is considerably easier if you’ve got the right pieces in place. As much as you might not want to hear it, one of those essential components is counsel.

We recently spoke with start-up lawyer Amit Khanna, who’s an investing fellow at the Schmidt Family Foundation and an entrepreneurship coach at the Columbia Startup Lab, to pick his brain about what new companies should do when it comes to their approach to legal counsel. The conversation—which was captured for a podcast—features many nuggets of wisdom stemming from Khanna’s own experience.

Here’s a sneak peek: While you might be tempted to put off consulting with a lawyer for as long as possible, Khanna suggests you bring counsel into the conversation as early as you can—no matter what kind of startup you’re building. You might not want to engage them (i.e., pay for their services) right  away, but getting advice from those who have seen things come together time and again will almost certainly prove beneficial to new startups, Khanna says. Remember, some lawyers might be more inclined to offer free advice to startups in hopes that they’ll ultimately land long-term work.

Curious to learn more about how your startup can hack legal counsel? Listen to our podcast and find out.

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