The Ultimate Guide to The Best Notepad Apps


How many tabs do you have open on your browser right now? Do you remember the steps that took you to this page? The internet is a wonderfully informative yet completely distracting place. Google Chrome has tapped into the Internet ADD most of us are privy to, and manages a great balance between making it easy to find information you want and for the information you want to find you through the seamless integration of apps, bookmarks, and other web settings customized to your personal preference. And now Chrome’s new tab extension feature can turn your web browser into a productivity tool, with smart add-ons to help manage your ideas, tasks, and workflow. With the launch of Knotable‘s, new Note Instantly extension we decided to take a look at some of the hottest notepad app extensions in the market and how they compare.


Dayboard offers a clever and simple extension especially for the overworked and forgetful. Dayboard asks you to jot down your five must-do tasks for the day, and while you’re browsing, each new page opens up with a friendly reminder of your to-do-list which you can satisfyingly cross off throughout the day. It also helpfully keeps a log of all of your completed tasks. Whether personal, or work related it helps keep tasks at the forefront of your mind.



OverTask helps you streamline your day-to-day tasks and eliminate unnecessary distractions. The extension offers an intuitive experience, helping organize information related to a task and then make suggestions specific to that task. Projects and assignments can be shared for easy collaboration and review.



Note Board

With almost 130,000 users, Note Board is certainly a popular Chrome extension download. The extension opens up a virtual cork board, where you can add reminders and tasks on sticky notes. You can save and capture web content while browsing and even drag and drop images from both your system and the internet. Save pages to visit or capture easily any web content. You can also schedule notifications to be reminded of a note and share your notes with friends.


Note Instantly

Knotable, a collaborative tool which eliminates unproductive email threads and fosters collaboration by facilitating conversations on one ‘knotepad’ has extended its offerings to Knotes, a smart and sophisticated virtual note taking assistant. The app lets you conveniently type down your thoughts and save them to a virtual notepad which is then simultaneously saved to Knotable, And to ensure you don’t lose your train of thought while browing, the Knotes extension page appears when you open a new tab, and the icon is fixed beside the search bar for easy one click access while you’re browsing.

Not limited to simple note taking, Knotes streamlines decision making processes with voting boxes, helps set reminders for tasks with calendar alerts, and helps organize your workflow with to-do-lists.

You can also attach images and documents to your notes and share your notes with other users within Knotable, or email them instantly if you’d prefer.

Knotes also automatically syncs across all of your chrome browsers to keep all of your ideas and notes in order and can even sync with your DropBox account.

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For more on Knotes, watch this video.

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