Here’s How to Make A Higher Salary


Whether you’ve had an offer for a new position, or just received a fantastic performance review at your current company, great opportunities to negotiate your salary and fatten up your wallet should be seized upon!

A recent study by the nonprofit American Association of University Women found that men are more assertive than women when it comes to hashing out the particulars of a job during the hiring process. Are negotiation skills a contributing to the gender wage gap? Either way, it’s apparent salary negotiating is an art that must be mastered.

According to author J.D. Roth, failing to negotiate on an initial job offer could mean missing out on over $600,000 in salary during a typical career. In real terms, that could literally be the cost of a house, wow! Let that sink in for a moment then brush up on your bargaining skills here! Although it can be a scary, daunting, anxiety-fueled process, with a little confidence, insight and help from posts How to Negotiate Your Salary you too can become a fluent salary-haggler!

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