Why Everyone, Even Windows Users, Should Learn Linux


Linux is for geeks, right? The King of Nerdy OSs runs on less than 2% of all desktops, worldwide. You’d think this would make it a bit an obscure of a niche. But actually, tons of things run Linux these days, from your TV to your Android phone.

From hosting a WebApp to automating everything electrical in your home, learning about Linux is not only a fun hobby in itself, but it helps you learn a bit more about what makes machines tick. So, even if you’re part of the 98% of users who rely on monochrome Yosemite-clad Macbook Pros or a shiny new Windows 10 laptops, impress your friends with your encyclopaedic know-how of Linux with 10 reason to segue into the Linux system.

And for those diehard sceptics (we’re looking at you, Windows users), consider Microsoft’s announcement last fortnight that it was now running Linux software to manage its Cloud operations. Really, what stronger case can be made than Microsoft’s backing?

Of course, Linux has long been popular with the programming community, from its reasonable price-bracket (it’s free) to its support for almost all languages. What shouldn’t be concluded from its popularity with programmers is that Linux is the reserve of geeks. Paradoxically, Linux is arguably one of the easiest OSs to master on the market right now: long gone are the days when only computer scientists could get to grips with Linux.

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