Make Your Day More Productive By Thinking Like A Marine


Veterans often retire from their service with a raft of translatable and marketable skills, using the shortcuts acquired during training to lead a disciplined and productive life as a civilian. The good news is that these skills and shortcuts can be learned and applied by just about anyone.

Check out Lifehacker’s compilation of the best military tricks to make daily life that more efficient. And the benefits of military rigour needn’t be purely practical or material: the folks over at Thrillist make the case that the tactics used by the Navy SEALs to internalise fear can be put to good use in working life. Military approaches to proper preparation and practice promise due-dividends, for instance, can be applied to your leadership style at work at work or even just becoming a better practitioner of mindfulness!

Needless to say, if done properly, one of the most immediate benefits of mimicking the Marine-lifestyle is health. Marines are renowned the world over for their peak physical fitness. But an Army training regimen shouldn’t require either actually joining the corps or waging full-blown war on your body. Instead, there are a ton of in-depth resources for those who’d like to get a (gentle) taste of the dreaded Basic Training!

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