Here’s How to Top Up on Dopamine and Get Stuff Done


Dopamine is that feel good chemical that kick starts good vibes, pleasure and motivation. It’s behind a runner’s high and it’s behind an addict’s trip. It’s the happy chemical that spurs us on. Something which feels good yet encourages productivity should be tapped into and hacked, right?

Numerous studies have been published on the topic of dopamine and its link to productivity. According to Time’s article Try This Unbelievably Easy Productivity Hack a new study finds that blinking boosts productivity. Participants in the study blinked more and moved their eyes less when they solved problems through insight, indicating that they were shutting out some of the visual static around them. The researchers speculated this could be connected to an increase in the production of dopamine, a brain chemical associated with motivation and reward, as well as how we think and learn.

Another investigation into the impact of dopamine on productivity and how to harness it is found in the post: The Science of Motivation: Your Brain on Dopamine which teaches you how to rewire your brain to attach a dopamine response to the task you want as a reward.  When you provide yourself with frequent positive feedback by ticking off completed tasks, you will increase the dopamine flow in your brain. Pretty neat, huh? Worth trying next time you get in hit that productivity wall.

Read the how-to guide here.

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