Take Note: Introducing Knotes


A little under two-thirds of computers users use Chrome as their default browser. This means that quite a lot of people are spending quite a lot of time on Chrome’s new tab page, a page that doesn’t have much going on for it by default – perhaps a smattering of commonly visited sites, a shortcut to one of your apps, and that’s that.

As the folks over at LifeHacker point out in their full-low down of ‘Knotes’ last week: “The best to-do list is the one you have available”.

This was the starting point for Knotes. Knotes overhauls your drab new tab page into a streamlined space for notes and to-dos, framed beautifully with a collection of scenic photos.

You already spend heaps of time in your browser – Knotes makes your new tab a handy place to stash some quick notes and have them handy when you return. Adding new notes is a one-click trick, and, rest assured, with Knotes’ webapp, everything’s backed up to either Dropbox or Gmail.

All that’s required is an account, opened via e-mail, to sync your notes and to-dos with the Knotable on the web. This allows for you to access them on mobile devices or from other browsers where you don’t have Knotes installed.

Once you’re signed in, you’re up and running: just start adding notes or to-dos.

Your notes are easily transformed into a to-do list. You can then choose to complete this list over the course of the day, or use them all for individual items you want to accomplish.

In short, Knotes is a sleek, intuitive Chrome extension that saves you the hassle of flicking back and forth between your browser and your accompanying to-do app. Saving a fleeting thought is only ever a CTRL+T away.

You can download Knotes for free here, or head straight to Knotable.

P.S.  We’re putting our Knotes for iOS into beta. Drop us a line at x with “iPhone app please” as your title and we’ll send it to you in the beta program. It is the fastest note-taker for iPone: it launches in a blink and your are saved hassle-free, simple and uncluttered. And of course, all of your notes are then available in Chrome and in the Knotable web app.

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