Hackers Digest #12: Facebook Murders Your Productivity


Welcome to this week’s edition of the Hackers Digest, a weekly feature that covers some of the most inspiring ideas relating to productivity that appeared over the past several days. We explore every nook and cranny of the Internet to find the six best hacks and productivity stories of the week so you don’t have to.

Here’s what we found this week:

1. 7 tips from Harvard Business Review to boost your team’s productivity.

It always seems like there aren’t enough minutes in the day—both for you and your team. In order to grow your organization and make your mark on the world, you need to do everything within their power to motivate your team to work as productively as possible. The good news is that it’s not impossible to make your team more efficient. To encourage workers to take your game to the next level, you should lead by example. You should also set goals, encourage open communication and be as transparent as is reasonably possible. Those tips and more are over on Harvard Business Review.

2. Not feeling productive enough? Ask yourself these 15 questions at the end of the day.

We all have our personal productivity tips. And those of us who are really keen on increasing our productivity read tips and tricks offered by folks from all stripes of life on a daily basis. Here’s something you might not have heard: At the end of each day where you didn’t get as much done as you would have hoped, ask yourself a number of questions—like how kind you were, whether you helped anyone or how happy you were. If all goes according to plan, maybe your answers will provide insight into how you can make tomorrow better. Head over to The Huffington Post to read a checklist of 15 questions one author asks herself regularly.

3. The productivity formula.

We’ve talked about both Cal Thomas and Adam Grant before. Grant, you’ll remember, is a 34-year-old bestselling author who many agree is proficient beyond his years. When he was a student, Grant believed that the productivity problem could be solved scientifically. Eventually, he zoned in on the fact that he could be most productive when he was doing “deep work,” i.e., concentrating intently on one subject for a period of time. Thomas wrote about Grant’s story in a recent book. By extending Grant’s studies, Thomas arrived at what he believes is the formula for productivity. Take a look at it over on Business Insider.

4. Facebook helps us connect with people. But it also crushes our productivity.

You have to see what your buddy from middle school’s kid is up to. And check out your neighbor-from-seven-years-ago’s dog. And read all that super sweet political commentary your bros make. Yes, it’s no secret people are glued to Facebook. Everybody understands everyone else uses Facebook at work. It’s what we do. But according to a recent study, managers who let their teams use Facebook might be forced to rethink their approach. Believe it or not, the social juggernaut may be responsible for as much as $3.5 trillion in lost productivity. NBC has the full scoop.

5. If you want to be more productive, give meditation a try.

To increase your effectiveness at work, you can exercise, you can use new apps and you can take a nap. But what if you could be more productive without having to do much at all? There’s a reason tools like Headspace, a mindfulness app, are becoming more popular: Users swear by their results. In an age where we’re forced to stare at screens all day and move a mile a minute, it’s important we don’t neglect our bodies and our minds. We all need to take time to relax and rest—otherwise we’ll hit a brick wall. Luckily, research shows that meditating regularly boosts our productivity. And the best part? It’s easy and free. Read more at POPSUGAR.

6. Take your Google Chrome game to the next level.

Sixty-eight percent of us use Google Chrome to browse the web. It’s a great browser—easy to use, a crisp user interface, very smooth. But are you getting the most out of your Chrome experience? Sure, you might know a few great extensions and some few tricks of your own. But chances are you don’t know everything there is to know about Chrome. You’re in luck. There’s a great write up on seven helpful Chrome hacks on BGR.

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