Hackers Digest #13: Your Filthy Office is Stifling Productivity


Welcome to this week’s installment of the Hackers Digest, a weekly feature that explores some of the most exciting ideas relating to productivity that appeared over the past several days. We explore every nook and cranny of the Internet to find the six best hacks and productivity stories of the week so you don’t have to.

Here’s what we enjoyed this week:

1. 10 hacks to help slow-starters be more effective in the morning.

Being a night owl doesn’t do you much good if you’ve got a gig where you’re expected to show up every morning and get to work right away. For folks who prefer staying up later, it can be extremely difficult to get going in the morning. Instead, it’s much easier to show up to work, sit down and stare off into space for an hour or two before the creative juices start flowing. This, of course, isn’t the most productive approach to work. So how can slow-starters get more energy in the morning? Believe it or not, smell, temperature and exercise play a huge role in how effective we are at work. Read more about those three tips—and seven others—at InformationWeek.

2. Sustainable buildings can enhance worker productivity.

There are a lot of benefits that come along with sustainable buildings. For starters, they’re great for the environment. They’re also great for businesses, since they reduce operational costs. But the benefits of sustainable office buildings might extend far beyond that. According to a recent anecdotal survey, occupants of a new green office building not only indicated they like their new facilities, but there’s evidence to suggest these new structures actually increase worker productivity. Talk about a win-win-win situation. Head over to Phys.org for the rest of the story.

3. Three amazing reasons your organization should embrace flexible working.

Today’s workers love flexibility, so it comes as no surprise that a recent survey revealed 75% of organizations have instituted some variation of a flexible working policy. Such policies, generally speaking, allow workers to choose where they work from and when they work. If your company has yet to adopt a flexible working policy, you may want to reconsider your traditions. According to a new study, flexible working boosts productivity, reputation and, most importantly, profit. Why not give it a whirl? The rest of the story is over at ComputerWeekly.

4. Are you a remote worker struggling with productivity? Read this.

There are a lot of perks that come with working remotely. You can work in your pajamas. Since you don’t have to chat with your coworkers all day, you can focus more and be more productive. Your refrigerator is only a few feet away from you at any given moment, so you don’t have to buy lunch. And in many instances, you can make your own schedule. Still, it can be hard to get motivated to get work done when you work from home. If you’re struggling with productivity as a remote worker, it might be time for you to pick someone’s brain to see whether you can learn a couple game-changing remote worker hacks. The Huffington Post has the scoop.

5. Your disgusting office is ruining your productivity.

You might think nothing of the 13 old paper coffee cups littered around your desk or how your wall is covered with thousands of post-it notes. Your insanely messy filing system might not bother you either. (Your coworkers definitely think you’re disgusting, but that’s another issue.) If your workspace is messy, you’re unable to reach your full potential. The dirtier your workspace is, the harder it’ll be to concentrate. But there’s an easy solution: Tidy up your workspace, and watch your productivity sail through the roof. The easiest way to do that? Stock up on supplies, throw away everything you don’t need, and rethink how you organize your desktop. Read about those tips and more over at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

6. Meet ThinkingVine, the company that exists to make your workers happier.

In the age of startups, there’s no shortage of businesses trying to disrupt every industry imaginable. Enter ThinkingVine, a New York-based company created specifically to boost worker morale. As we all know, when workers are happier, they’re more productive—which is how ThinkingVine found its niche. Businesses can hire the company for events that feature fun activities: painting, wiring, mosaics and the like. These events, which are held at each client’s offices, can last anywhere from two hours to an entire day. To date, ThinkingVine has worked with companies like Google, Etsy and Foursquare. If your employees seem like they’re ready to blow a gasket at any moment, it might be worth giving ThinkingVine a chance. Business Insider has the full story.

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