Top 10 Tech Products You’ll Never Regret Buying


How many gadgets and tech tools do you have?

It seems as though we’ve finally arrived in the future. Things that were fantasies in the not-so-distant past are realities today, thanks to the evolution of technology.

What follows is a list of 10 tech products you’d buy after reading this article if you were a zillionaire.

Some items on this list you almost definitely need. Others you definitely do not need. But if you have the means and the interest, you almost certainly won’t regret buying any of these items:

1. Universal remote control

How many remote controls do you have to power your gadgets? There’s one for the television. There’s another for the cable box (if you’ve not yet cut the cord). Then there’s the Blu-ray player, the sound bar, and the Roku. That’s it, right?

Having to deal with so many different remotes is annoying, to say the least. It’s only a matter of time before you invariably misplace one of them and go on an expletive-laden tirade as you storm across your living room.

Grab a universal remote control, and voila, your problem is solved. All of a sudden, five remotes shrink into one. As an added bonus, you get to reclaim a good chunk of your coffee table. Head over to CNET for a comprehensive list explaining various universal remote controls on the market.

2. External hard drive

You don’t really store all of your data in the cloud, do you?

There’s nothing worse than losing a shit-ton of personal data when your computer crashes, gets lost or stolen. Instead of relying on what has proven, to date, to be a rather porous cloud, you’d be better off buying an external hard drive or two and getting into the regular habit of backing up your data manually. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes each time.

External hard drives have come down in price considerably in recent years. Head over to PCMag to browse a list of affordable hard drives that offer a massive amount of storage.

3. Backup cables

Is it possible for someone to have too many iPhone or MacBook chargers? You never know when your HDMI cable might bite the dust, either.

Don’t become a cord hoarder (a corder?)—but it never hurts to have a few extra cables lying around.

Pro tip: Grab a backup phone charger and stick it in the bag you lug to work. That way, you can be certain that even if you misplace your travel charger, you’ll be able to give your phone the juice it needs when you get home.

4. USB 3.0 stick

You never know when you’re going to need to copy or transfer files.

USB 2.0 technology definitely does the trick. But once you give a USB 3.0 stick a try, it will be impossible to go back.

USB 3.0 technology boasts backwards compatibility with USB 2.0. It’s also 10 times faster. Simply put, these devices pack quite the punch. And they’re cheap, too. At the time of writing, you can snag a 64-gig USB 3.0 stick from SanDisk for $33 on Amazon. The device can handle speeds as high as 190 MB/sec. What’s not to like?

5. USB battery pack

If you’re the kind of person who relies on mobile devices to be productive and are constantly on the go, you’d be a complete fool not to invest in a portable USB battery pack. These devices enable you to recharge your smartphones, tablets, and laptops no matter where you happen to be (so long as you made sure to charge your battery pack before you left your house or office, Einstein).

Like most other gadgets, you’ll quickly see that you have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing the right battery pack for your specific needs. Do your due diligence and make sure the pack you order works with your devices.

To get started, head over to The Wirecutter and check out their recommendations.

6. Mobile hotspot

Public WiFi networks are dangerous. Still, tons of workers need to be connected even when they’re on the road.

Instead of risking your data falling into the hands of a hacker by connecting to such a network, you can buy your own mobile hotspot that connects to 3G, 4G, or LTE networks—whichever are available.

There are a ton of mobile hotspots to choose from—so choose wisely. Also keep in mind that these tech devices may have expensive data plans. Just familiarize yourself with the plan you choose so you won’t have a heart attack when you read your bill.

7. Bluetooth speaker

Want to listen to music while you’re on the go? Grab a portable Bluetooth speaker. They’re wireless and don’t suck up a lot of power, so you’ll be able to listen to a ton of jams with your buddies whether you’re sitting on the deck, tailgating or backpacking.

Head over to Soundguys to read a list comparing some of the more popular and powerful brands on the market today.

8. DJI Phantom 4

This is by far the most expensive item on our list. But if you have $1,399 burning a hole in your pocket, you’d can happily spring for a DJI Phantom 4, a quadcopter drone that shoots high-quality video.

The high-end tech gadget automatically avoids obstacles, so you don’t have to worry about clumsily flying it into a tree. You can control the Phantom 4 with your iPad. The drone is capable of staying in the air for 28 minutes and can reach a top speed of 44 mph.

Bottom line: Buy this bad boy, and you can shoot amazing video and be entertained for hours.

9. Multiple-port USB charging station

It would be nice if you only needed to charge one or two devices. But this isn’t 2008 anymore.

Unfortunately, the problem becomes exponentially more pronounced when you live with other people and their tech — and even worse when you start a family.

There’s an easy fix: a multiple-port USB charging station. Grab something like the gofanco 7-Port Desktop USB Charging Station, and you can charge all — or at least most of — your devices from one central hub. In addition to keeping everyone in your household happy, guests will love the fact that they can plug right in when they need some juice.

10. Petnet

OK, this one is just for pet owners. If you’re like most professionals today, you’re constantly busy. That being the case, it can be difficult to get home to feed your animals when it’s their dinner time.

Instead of making their stomachs growl a little extra longer than you’d like, grab Petnet, a tech device that allows you to feed your pets a fixed amount of food at whichever interval you deem most appropriate.

That way, you can burn the midnight oil at the office when you need to without worrying about your pet going hungry. (But you might have to clean up a mess when you get home.)

Enjoy your shopping spree!

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