How Conor McGregor Depends On The Law Of Attraction


Conor McGregor has come a long way in three years. He spent most of his life in the Dublin suburbs of Crumlin and Lucan, working as a plumber and training in his spare time. Eventually – and much to the disapproval of his parents – he gave up his job and devoted himself entirely to training as a fighter.

Nothing in these early years marked him for greatness – at least, not in the eyes of most pundits. UFC president, Dana White, was so impressed at what he had heard of McGregor that he flew him to Las Vegas for dinner and signed him immediately.

At this point, White had never seen McGregor fight – yet his intuitions proved correct. These days, he collects $500,000 match fees and appears in advertisements for Budweiser. In 2016, his name is known around the world, and he can drive through the streets of sunny California, just as he once imagined. What took him here?

The Law Of Attraction

‘Like attracts like’ – this is the essence of the law of attraction. The idea is that visualization makes what is visualized more likely to occur. When we think of good things, focus on positive outcomes and imagine ourselves doing well, then we do indeed achieve good things, find positive outcomes, and do well. Correspondingly, when we think about negative outcomes, negative outcomes result. We bring to us what we believe, what we visualize.

In some ways it can be intimidating to think that we have to control our mental lives in this way. But really, it is an extraordinary opportunity to forge the path we desire for ourselves. To take just one example, imagine you have before you a seemingly insurmountable quantity of work. The natural reaction is to despair, to picture what will happen if you fail to get it in on time, to imagine how exhausted you’ll feel by the end of it all. Here, the law of attraction is at work but not to your advantage. These visualizations will only make it more likely that you won’t get the work in on time, and that you’ll feel awful trying.

Imagine another scenario. You work tirelessly, taking breaks and ensuring a constant supply of energy; each piece of work is begun and finished, each done well; finally, the works sits before you, done, and a sense of satisfaction surges through you. This is the law of attraction in its positive manifestation, and it is extremely powerful.

How To Take Advantage Of The Law Of Attraction

There are a number of different ways to harness the power of your mind when it comes to the law of attraction, and it’s up to you to find which works best. Like everything, positive visualization takes practice.

It is generally advised that you devote 10-15 minutes each day to visualization. Just find time to sit back and imagine your life as you want it to be. However, many people find it more beneficial to write down what they are visualizing, even to draw images somehow relating to their vision. Whatever helps make the future most concrete in your mind, and therefore most likely to attract reality, is absolutely fine.

Others find it helpful to talk aloud to themselves, perhaps into the mirror. (De Niro’s famous question to his mirror shouldn’t put you off – they can be put to more positive uses.) This is known as affirmation, and it can complement visualization very effectively when done right.

Imagine what you want – imagine every day and without doubt – and the law of attraction dictates that, with hard work, it will come to you.

Conor McGregor And The Law Of Attraction

What the law of attraction has done for Conor McGregor is best summed up by the man himself:

This is the law of attraction. In this struggle, when things are going good and you visualise things happening, that’s easy. What’s not easy is to do is when things are going bad and you’re visualising the good stuff. And that’s what I was able to do . . . Visualising good things in times of struggle, what you can do that, that really makes the law of attraction work.

McGregor’s rise has been meteoric: from shy kid, to a man unemployed, to unknown fighter, to global superstar. What he visualized has indeed come to pass. This is a man who not only predicts that he’ll knock his opponents out but tells us when he’ll do it. He sees it in his mind and he does it. We can all learn a little from Conor McGregor’s unstoppable confidence. And the first step is to know the law of attraction.

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