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Use the ideas in this book to start building and shipping with leverage — get 10 more or 100 more pairs of hands *right this minute* to move your projects forward


Big trends are changing how we make products — better tools manage remote teams, smart people all over the world with access to information and tools for programming, better tools and frameworks that make it easier to build and harder to fail, and code-control that lets you watch the commits roll in.

So why aren’t you using them?

Use the ideas in this book and you can start building and shipping product with a few minutes of your attention each day. Start the startup in your spare time, scale up your capacity-limited product team, prove that something can be done when others say it can’t…

The ideas in this book are inside real companies — a startup that bootstrapped and shipped mobile apps on $5k in 3 months and managed to raise VC, a big telco exec who got his own dream tool built and cut his teams timelines in half.

Dive in.

New updated and expanded v2.


Praise for Ship While You Sleep 

After hiring 100+ engineers and product people, I still make Ship While You Sleep mandatory reading.  Too many experienced people make the same mistakes over and over again.
Folks, this is not that hard.  Ask for some work to be done.  See it done.  Ask for more.  This is probably the simplest system ever devised.  And yet capable of building almost anything.
– Jason Freedman, venture investor at PeakState, 2x Ycombinator, cofounder 42Floors (acquires by Knotel)
I just read all 47 pages. Very well done. It reminds me of what I used to do back in the day when I was experimenting with all different types of startup ideas. 1999-2004’s. Prior to in-game advertising stuff. You laid it out super nicely in the ebook. I wish apps like Trello existed and GitHub was innovated back then.
Darren Herman, VP of Content Services at Mozilla

Finally an approach to development that thinks globally. We will definitely be testing this approach.

Larry Velez, CTO at Sinu

Read “Ship While You Sleep”, but then don’t expect to sleep for the next few days. You’ll be too busy dreaming up startup ideas that you can implement for next to nothing using this transformative system.

John Gannon, CEO at HireNurture

This book challenges the modern mentality of “code as craft” and provides an actionable approach for getting back to the basics of what makes working in tech great – rapid progress!

– Alistair Speirs, Product Manager, Microsoft (@alspeirs)

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