Virgin’s Richard Branson’s guide to productivity and happiness


Exercise is the key to productivity, says Sir Richard Branson, the legendary founder of Virgin Group who clearly knows the secret to success. With more than 400 companies to his name, his net worth was recently estimated at US$5 billion by Forbes. But just hitting the gym won’t make you as productive as Sir Richard. Here are other personal and company-wide productivity lessons he has imparted over the years.

1. Keep lists; love what you do; don’t get the accountants in too early (i.e. start your business on gut feeling, and later bring in the accountants); learn the art of delegation; and set yourself big goals. These tips were compiled by Biz 3.0 and shared on the Virgin Blog.

2. Manage your phone, don’t let it manage you. “How many times a day do you look at your phone and check your email? Don’t become a slave to technology,” Branson wrote in the Virgin Blog.

3. Take care of your eyesight. “As so many of us spend hours glued to our mobile, laptop or tablet screens, if you aren’t careful you can damage your creativity as well as your eyes,” Branson wrote for LinkedIn. “By resting your eyes from the screen you can also relax your mind and create the space to come up with new ideas.”

Branson Productivity

4. Always carry a notebook and take notes. “Branson particularly prefers putting pen onto paper rather than finger onto keyboard because a sheet of paper doesn’t have tempting distractions to divert his attention in a meeting,” writes Richard Feloni for Business Insider, in a piece about Branson’s new book, “The Virgin Way – Everything I know About Leadership.”

5. Keep your employees happy. Writing for The Huffington Post, Branson includes unlimited holidays, meditation classes to combat stress, sleeping pods for afternoon naps and truly flexible working hours and locations as examples. “All of these innovations could be replicated by many companies all over the world and there’s good reason to do so — it’s good for business,” Branson writes.

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Branson Productivity

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