We prefer Trello over all other management tools. Here’s why…


At Knotable we use Trello a ton. It’s a key piece of how we build Knotable — the product team’s “stack” has been Email, Freelance Networks, Trello, Github, AWS, Meteor. Increasingly now we can layer Knotable right on the very top of that stacks – KEFTGAM. Hmm, not a great acronym. But it works awesome for us 🙂

Trello, though, dropped some exciting news this week — they’ve raised a venture round for Trello and are aiming to make Trello a giant global consumer service. Congratulations! Joel’s post.

Here is how we use Trello at Knotable and what we like about it —

  • It’s 100% of our project management. We don’t use any other tools or frameworks
  • It forces our product team to think very simply – “write cards”
  • It forces our devs to make progress that is visible – “move cards”
  • You can get to it properly from a phone, which means you can check in on stuff very easily

Here is another thing we like about Trello —

  • It lets you use the visual/spatial UIs of touchscreens as part of how you organize. Everything older is stuck in some folder, timeline or feed metaphor

But here’s the really important point, Trello is hugely inspiring in what it seeks to do. Simplify, cloud-ify, multi-platform-ify, and make visual for a beast of a problem: project management.

Knotable’s mission is to do something similar for threads and conversations and email chains. Wish us luck and sign up for the Alpha if you want to help craft it

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