It’s a self-take-selfie world out there, everybody. Cameras are the new mirrors, each of us not only the star but the directors of our own narratives as they play out for our peers across any and every social media platform. The selfie is flirting with becoming a generation-defining phenomenon, a kind of millenial thesis statement: Here I am, world! Hear me roar across multiple platforms and devices! (And please take note of how much more exciting my life is than yours). The nobility of it all is not for us to debate, that’s for PhD students in one hundred years. So for now, let’ s be here, let’s be present, and let’s take a ton of selfies! Check out our list of the 10 best gadgets and apps for taking pictures of yourself, and make darn sure none of your friends go a single day without seeing your duck face.

1. Frontback: This is a great free app for taking selfies, that does exactly what the name implies. You take a picture of what you’re looking at, and one of your face as you take it all in. This app also has a friendly and active social community, so your frontback selfies are sure to rack up some likes and put a smile on your photogenic face.

2. Selfie Cam: Second on the list, we’ve got another contender with a straight-forward name. Seflie Cam does what the name tells you, but it also lets you spice up your moments of self-documentation by giving a wide selection of ‘stickers’ that you can add on to your pictures. There’s an option to buy more stickers if you’re dissatisfied with, or tired of the free ones, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that because it’s, well, silly.

3. Flappy Selfie: Remember Flappy Bird and all it’s glory? The way it swept the nation for close to a full hour, and could be observed on commuter trains from NYC to Des Moines? Well someone had the brilliance to create a version of the game that replaces the flying bird character with a selfie. The set-up for the game is pretty annoying – it forces you to not only take a selfie, but also record your voice for sound effects. It struck me while I was setting up the app (sitting on a crowded subway train and whispering into my phone like a freak) that a deaf person might find this step even more frivolous and nagging than I did. Once it is all set up, however, it delivers all the entertainment of the original game, with a more than healthy dose of hilarity.

4. Camoji: Instantly and easily create a gif of what’s going on around you in any given moment and text it to your friends with a swipe? I’m in. This app is great, it’s turning the gif into a more easily accessible medium, and I think we’d all agree that’s amazing.


5. Luuv: If we’re talking Luuv, we’re talking a professional selfie game. Luuv is a camera stabilizer for cameras like the GoPro, but will also accommodate your smart phone with ease. In the words of the Luuv website it is, “Designed For Those Who Move,” so any and all aspiring action photogs take note: Next time you’re white water rafting, skateboarding down a megaramp, or base jumping from the outer limits of the atmosphere – make sure you’ve got a Luuv.

6. Samsung NX Mini: This is another gadget for the selfieist with a decent budget and a true passion for self-photography. Call it the cadillac of the, ‘OMG Look how happy I am that I ordered eggs benny and bottomless mimosas at Sunday brunch,’ style photography.

7. Hisy: Will kids today ever get to make the charming memories of Dad spending an hour trying to figure how to set the self timer on a film camera? The answer appears to be a resounding ‘no’ thanks to gadgets like Hisy – a bluetooth device that acts like a remote and lets you snap a selfie from a distance with the push of a button.


8. Canon PowerShot N100: The silver to the NX Mini’s gold – the Canon PowerShot N100 is a great, cheaper (by about $100) alternative to the Samsung.


9. EyeEm: Were you a fan of the selfie before it sold out and became a generational phenomenon? Do you get bothered when you see Ansel Adams prints in people’s offices because you feel like he’s become cliched? Than EyeEm is the selfie app for you. EyeEm is all about the selfie, but it is also focused on quality photography and even has a feature that allows users to try and sell their work.

10. GoPro Selfie Stick: Essentially the selfie generation’s equivalent to Moses’ staff, the selfie stick will part crowds in Times Square like the Red Sea and you’ll be able to get pictures of yourself from angles and perspectives you never thought possible. It is an essential arrow in any serious selfieist’s quiver.

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