Seven Sites to Take the Hurt Out Of Apartment Hunting


Anyone who has moved before knows how big of a pain uprooting your whole life and moving it to a new house or apartment can be. As difficult as the physical process of moving is, the real pain usually starts right in the beginning when you set out to look for a new place. Your first stop is probably Craigslist, but that can be filled with spam and fraudulent listings. In order to relieve some of the burden of apartment hunting here are seven websites and apps that can help take the hurt out of the hunt.

For Those Who Like It Simple– This one is easy, just set the location you want to rent in and the amount you want to pay and brings up exactly what you’re looking for. There’s both a list and map view with plenty of pictures to boot.


If You Hate Having Too Many Browser Tabs Open

Padmapper– For many apartment hunters Padmapper is the first and only spot they need to check. Padmapper takes listings from Craigslist and other services and repackages them into an easy to use format. Padmapper takes these and basically lays them over Google Maps so you can still use street view and add layers like transit maps. You can even bring Padmapper with you by downloading their mobile app and receive alerts for new listings in a specified area.


If You Love Sites With Many Options/Filters

Hotpads– Hotpads is a solid alternative to checking out Padmapper or Craigslist and provides many of the same great features. You can search both rentals and sales and even refine your search from the type of property listing and how long it’s been listed for down to the square footage of the place you have in mind. Clicking on a property pulls up pictures and the price and you can even contact the landlord straight from the map.


If You’re Looking For No Fees

Apartable– This is a site that specializes in New York City apartments. The key here is that Apartable is great for helping you find no-fee apartments, which will amount to huge savings in this city.


For Those Who Love to Walk

WalkScore– If it’s important to you to move to an apartment that has a number of amenities within walking distance then WalkScore is the site you have to check out. Every location gets a “walkscore,” which is determined by how many businesses, shopping areas, eateries, and nightlife spots are within walking distance. WalkScore also has information about specific communities and you can even narrow down your search based on commute time.


If You Want a New Place Without Having to Leave Home

Lovely– What really sets Lovely apart from the other sites mentioned here is that clicking on an apartment (new listings are red dots) brings up a full page display of all of the information about the apartment that you might need, where you can then apply for the rental without ever leaving your home. Lovely then contacts the landlord and sends them your information and application so they can review it right away. Of course you should probably go see an apartment you might have interest in renting but this is a great feature nonetheless.


Not Sure if You Want to Rent or Buy?

Trulia– Trulia is a tool for both renters and buyers. Many people use Trulia for its calculations of property values but it is also a great resource for renters. One awesome perk is that everything on Trulia is its own data, so you may be able to find information here that’s unavailable on other sites. It also has a great search feature for recently sold homes, so you can get a better idea of what properties go for in a specific area. You can set an area that you work and a maximum commute time, which will then pull up homes and apartments that fall within that criteria.


Apartment hunting can be a big nuisance, especially when you don’t know where to look. These are seven great websites that can really help you find what you’re looking for at a price you’re able to afford, so if you’re a would-be mover or somebody who can’t stand living in their parent’s basement anymore, give these sites a go and see what you can find. Happy hunting!

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