Five Ways A Mentor Can Help You Find Career Success


It may have seemed like the unlikeliest of pairings at first when Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga announced that they were joining forces to record a jazz album, but if their recent Grammy performance is any indication, it seems Tony is successfully helping Lady Gaga find a new sound.

Have you ever considered seeking out a mentor to help nurture your career goals? Whether you have just graduated from college and could use some advice on whether to further your education, or you’re looking for new a new career venture – mentors can be a great resource, especially if you have one who has worked in the same industry, and can share their insight and tips for professional growth. This person is someone you can refer to for support, feedback, and advice in your career choices and development.

Here are some of the benefits that make a mentor relationship invaluable:

1. You can tap into their knowledge

A mentor who has worked in your field can help you identify the expertise you need to succeed on your career path, and give you the practical tools you need to know how to develop and refine your skills. They will be able to help you with decisions on whether you could benefit from continued learning, or which jobs to apply for based on your strengths and long term goals.

2. You can build your network

A mentor can offer an opportunity to expand your existing professional network of connections by referring you to their contacts or sharing their contacts with you. They can also recommend useful networking events for you to attend to make new connections. By expanding your network you are unlocking the potential to create connections with people who are able to help you give you access to opportunities, new ideas, or information to help you move up your career ladder.

3. You can gain a new perspective

A mentor can give you a whole new way to look your current challenges or considerations. Their feedback is invaluable, given that they have most likely faced similar work related situations. Furthermore, this is mutually beneficial as your mentor can learn from how you approach decision making in your career.

4. You can learn from their insight

A mentor has the ‘know-how’ on how to get ahead in your career. They can navigate you through your projects, tasks, ideas and help you resolve any stumbling blocks on the way. They can also teach you the best practices of the industry, and share their success stories with you and help you identify where you can apply those practices to your own work.

5. You can develop your business skills

A mentor can help hone your communication and business skills, and teach you the language, terms, and the effective techniques you will need to get ahead. This could be by recommending books you should read, television shows you should watch, or conferences you should attend which can educate you better on your industry.

Benefits to your mentor and industry

The benefits of the mentoring relationship aren’t just limited to the mentee, the mentor can also grow professionally and personally from the opportunity to teach and advise others. It can boost their confidence and job satisfaction and also help them gain further understanding into their own industry through listening to the experiences of the mentee.

A mentoring relationship is also benefical for the companies of both the mentor and mentee as they the dynamic allows for both parties to exchange ideas,  fostering professional improvement and success, and also helps strengthen communication and problem solving skills.

Now you know the advantages of a mentor relationship, learn more about how to find the right person to fit the role for you. It should be someone in a leadership position, with whom you admire and aspire to their success. For more on how to find the perfect mentor, click here.

Perhaps, you think you could be a valuable mentor for someone else? Here is some practical advice on what it takes to succeed as a mentor.

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