Stress is Slowly Killing You


Who doesn’t feel once in a while like BOOM! And everything just explodes. Or that feeling of wanting to sleep but keep staring at the ceiling for hours while something weird and definitely oppressive is going on in your mind? So many things involving you are overwhelming and uncertain and breathtaking that at some moments you just feel like you can’t handle it anymore. That’s a bit of stress right there.

According to a major study, 44% of the population in the US have felt stressed, and 28% say they have felt that way for over a year. Stress can lead to anxiety and depression too, so it’s definitely something to worry about.

What should you do for when stress knocks on your door? Here you have five easy ways to fight against the stress in your daily life.



“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.”

–Neil Gaiman

What’s better to forget about your own story than to read another one’s story. From hard novels like “The Road” where the writer Cormac McCarthy makes the threat of nuclear annihilation a family issue if you are in the mood, to any cheerful book written by Terry Pratchett, a.k.a “I will always be the fellow who writes funny books.”

Reading is a pleasure on its own, but it also can be the place where you shelter yourself when things don’t go the way you wish in the outer world, or simply put, when things out there pass by too fast and you need to take a break.

Practice Sports


Sports are cool. Playing sports is an emotional, mental and physical adventure. And they are fun. You learn more about yourself and discover if you are a team player or a free spirit. And they help you connect with people, sharing good moments with friends, and learning from your opponents. There will always be risks of injuries, but everyone agrees that the advantages are worth it. Be an active person participating in sports will enhance your overall well-being (they will boost both your mental and physical health). And guess what? Sports relax you and make the stress disappear.

It has been said that, if you practice sports regularly and not excessively, they can prevent and reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. And they can also contribute towards relaxing muscular tension and help inducing a state of somnolence. So what are you waiting for? Move!

Enjoy Nature


When you are stressed, not many things beat a good walk in the wilderness –along a promenade, a river, an ancient forest, a giant mountain, or a dessert (no idea about this one). Hell, a brisk walk around the block will clear your head too, just not in the same way.

There is no denial that nature is good for your health. In nature, we have the chance to relax and release our stress to the open air. Nature and sunlight will give you beauty, energy, and vitamins (20 minutes in the sun will naturally supply vitamin D to your body), and that’s awesome.

You don’t need to run fast or swim two hours in the ocean to release your tension. Sometimes you just have to be outside to help your body and spirit to heal. You can meditate or only enjoy of the sounds of your surroundings. Do some gardening or landscaping. And interact with nature in every possible way (bring a water fountain or a plant into your room if you spend much of your time indoors, or just put a beautiful picture on the screen of your laptop).

Have Fun


Laugh with your dearest ones. Hug (it helps to protect against stress and infection), kiss, touch, laugh again. Swear if needed. Eat chocolate (fun), salmon (yummy), and garlic (this may be a bit uggg, but it’s good against stress anyway). Check some cat videos in Youtube, and do everything it makes you feel better even for just a minute. Any fun way to manage stress is a good way.



Drink if nothing else works. No kidding. Alcohol can help you with your stress when consumed moderately. Sometimes it really works. And sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not science. Depend on the person and the specific situation and who knows what else. It’s just alcohol, not the magical beverage a lot of people want to believe in.

If it works, the problem is that it’s addictive, and drinking it in bigger amounts, it totally loses his effect against stress, even worsening the situation. So watch out. Alcohol is always a dangerous path to walk down, OK? Cheers wisely, pal.

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