Energy Tips Every Walking Zombie Should Know


Let’s face it: when you are low on energy, you are all but useless. Your focus fails, your mood plummets as your body shuts down and, worst of all, the entire office sees you for the heavy-lidded zombie that you’ve become.

Today there’s no shortage of drinks, pills and snacks to revive your flagging spirits. But these are short-term solutions to long-term problems. Aside from that, many of them are downright unhealthy and do more harm than good to your body.

The bottom line is your energy can be fickle. What you really need isn’t another four shots of espresso, but a lifestyle that empowers your body to harness its natural ability to produce energy and a better, healthier diet, plain and simple. Here then is what you need to know to make those changes happen.

Lifestyle Changes To Boost Your Energy

  1. Make time to move. Exercising doesn’t have to be Spartan-serious: you don’t have to hit the gym for twelve hours a day to make a difference. But we all do need to move around if we want to to keep our energy levels up.If you find it hard to exercise on your own, use the buddy system and find an exercise partner. Better yet, join a local fitness classes where you can have fun and even make new friends!
  2. Sleep as much as you need—not more and not less. This is a simple one. If you sleep too little you’re cranky and if you sleep too much you’re groggy. Or vice versa, but you get the point. Regardless, you will have low energy levels throughout the day and will likely crash in the afternoon
  3. Fuel your body for success. What you eat directly affects your performance, meaning a bad breakfast or a lousy lunch can and will sabotage your day’s work. Preempt your calorie-craving by planning your meals ahead of time – studies show we’re a lot better at resisting salt, calories, and fat in the future than we are in the present. Similarly, don’t be afraid to eat less, more: frequent small meals are better at maintaining consistent levels of glucose, instead of gorging on blowout feasts that are ultiamtely bad for productivity and bad for the brain.
  4. Give yourself permission to relax. Being busy does not mean being productive. Everyone spends too much time doing things that frequently have no real positive impact their your life. We’re human, and being human we get wrapped up in the “ought”s and “should”s. But in the end, what really matters – and, yes, this might sound schmaltzy –  is enjoying life. So don’t be afraid to relax. Have a glass of wine with dinner, treat yourself to a massage, and by all means, soak yourself in a luxurious bubble bath.

7 Quick Fixes for Lethargy

  1. Drink water- Even if you are only mildly dehydrated, it can cause your body to slow down and leave you feeling sluggish.
  2. Eat a fruit- The natural sugar in fruit is great for boosting energy, and the fiber will keep your blood sugar from skyrocketing. Fruits are also packed with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and are easily digestible, making them a seriously legit and healthy snack.
  3. Take a short, brisk walk- Taking a quick little walk will get your heart pumping and your lungs sucking up oodles of energizing oxygen, which will leave you refreshed, focused, and ready to plow through the rest of your tasks.
  4. Give yourself a little pep talk- Seriously. When all you can think about is your pillow and you still have work to do, sometimes you just need be your own coach and snap yourself out of it. Muster up your willpower and leave no room for excuses. Talk to yourself in the mirror if you have to. And promising yourself something nice for when you finish isn’t a bad idea either.
  5. Have some chia seeds- If these little guys were able to energize Aztec warriors, imagine what they can do for your low energy levels. Hello, Superfood! Give them a chance and learn how to incorporate them into your meals for some big-hitting booms in energy.
  6. Take a break- Sometimes you just need to stop, get away from it, and do a little something you enjoy. Listen to a chapter in your audiobook, watch a funny video on YouTube, or chat with someone else about their day for a couple minutes.
  7. Put on some music- Music has mood altering, energizing powers like nothing else! So bump your favorite 80’s jam if you must, or that Taylor Swift song you’ve listened to over nine hundred times, then do your happy dance or whatever it is you do, and just let that music lift you up like it was meant to.

Interested in more great energy boosting tips? Check out these bonus tips!

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